Psychotherapy and Counselling in West London|Kensington

In considering counselling or psychotherapy you are taking the first step in a shared journey towards greater understanding and clarity. You may be looking for help because you feel anxious, that life is getting on top of you or that current events in your life are difficult to make sense of.  You might want to understand yourself a bit better.

I provide a safe and confidential environment where you can express freely difficult, sometimes painful emotions or thoughts without being judged. Those emotions might at first not be evident even to you, leaving you feeling confused. Together, we will surface and explore the difficulties you are experiencing so that we can make sense of them and gain fresh insight to help you move forward more positively with your life.

It can feel like a big step to seek help, and if you have not worked with a counsellor before it can also feel like a leap into the unknown. It may be difficult to navigate your way through the different services available to you. I would meet you for an initial session to discuss the kind of help you are seeking and to give both of us a chance to decide if we can work together.  It is important that you should feel comfortable working with me and on my side I will look to gain an initial understanding of your needs, so that I can ensure I am well placed to help you.

I have trained at WPF and Roehampton University in psychodynamic psychotherapy and counselling for adults and work  in private practice and at the Nightingale Hospital, having worked in the NHS.

I consult in both English and French.